Pre-Paid Probate

Financial security and peace of mind. Most of us want it, but few of us take the simple yet necessary steps to attain it.

That is where our prepaid Probate service features in your armoury of securing your estate.

Thomas has been a pioneer of prepaid Probate long before it became a popular input title with the search engines!

We have many satisfied clients who have seen the direct benefit of paying much less now rather than paying much more from their estate later. If your estate is valued over the IHT threshold then paying for your Probate now will save you £1000’s in the long term.

A prepaid Probate makes a cash value assumption at today’s market price. There is no factor for inflation - it is a one off lump sum payment that ensures you will be 40%* better off than leaving it until after you have passed on.

In short this one process mitigates costs spiralling in the future.

The process is simple and straight forward with minimal effort on your part to secure your estate for those you love and care for rather than greedy solicitors and HMRC.

  • We ask a few simple questions to understand if prepaid probate is right for you.
  • If we feel that the decision is right, we will give a no obligation FREE quotation for you within ten minutes.
  • With your approval we would then finalise the paperwork and you would be required to make your one off payment.
  • We then ensure your Will takes in to account that your Probate has been accounted for.
  • You are then free from the worry of inflation and further tax liabilities

That’s it. No long and drawn out process. No need to book an appointment and visit a solicitor in an office. No need to pay 2-5% of the value of your estate.

Thus we leave you with complete peace of mind.

You also have the option of us holding your original Will and Probate documentation in our secure facility.

Another example of how Integrity Wills and Probate can look after your wealth and estate planning. Please contact us for more information.

*Based on average savings from previous clients.