Lasting Power Of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) provided by Integrity ensure that you and your finances are looked after by someone that you trust, whatever life may bring.

We are specialists in the preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney. We guide you through every step in the process through our home visit service with the aim of making it as simple as possible for you and your attorney(s). There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney and we are able to provide either or both of these during a single home visit:

Property and Financial Affairs

A Property and Financial Affairs LPA allows the people you trust to look after your bank accounts, pensions and investments as well as all other financial assets and property. It also gives them the ability to pay your utility and care bills on your behalf with the minimum of hassle. We can set it up so that it can be used right away, so they can lend a hand when you want them to, or we can set it up so that it can only be used if a time comes when you are unable to make these decisions yourself.

Health and Welfare

A Health and Welfare LPA covers decisions about all aspects of your healthcare and personal welfare, including decisions about who is looking after you and where. It also allows your loved ones to make decisions on your behalf about medical treatment if a time were to come when you were no longer able to make those decisions yourself. A Health and Welfare LPA is made now but can only be used if a time comes when you can't make these decisions for yourself.