Integrity Will Protect

This is an extra benefit for our clients that have a Will written by us.

You now have the option to either keep your original Will or request that we keep it securely on your behalf.

Integrity Will Protect is here should you wish to move home, to remove any fear of your Will being misplaced or if you simply want to put it out of your mind.

Integrity Will Protect offers:

A private location with no branding or signage.

A sophisticated alarm system and CCTV for security.

A fire proof safe in which your Will is kept.

Access only by authorised people.

Most important of all, we offer FREE help and advice to your executors and trustees when the time comes.

For just a small cost, our clients can enjoy peace of mind that their original Will along with any side letters or individual written requests are held securely until they are needed. You also have a copy at home to refer to.

This service is for clients that have a Will written by us for either £25.00 per year (taken on completion and then every anniversary) or a lifetime one off payment of £250.00.

Another great example of Integrity being there when you need us...